November 21 to December 24, 2015


AGORA GALLERY is delighted to present THE MULTIPLES SHOW, featuring affordable work by local artists in a wide range of media. The exhibition consists of work in editions and series, and includes etchings, photographs, prints, paintings, sculptures, pottery, glass work and even robots!

Artists include: Ruth Abernethy, Robert Andrews, Gerard Brender a Brandis, Jordan Corbett, Jeremy Cox, Glenn Elliott, Elisabeth Feryn, Bryn Gladding, Lisa Hughes, Gloria Kagawa, Chris Lass, John Lederman, Antonie Los, Tanya Lyons, Scott McKowen, Irene Miller, Valerie O’Flynn, Eden & Judith Palmer, Edward Payne, John Pennoyer, Kathi Posliff, Stewart Smith and Lesley Walker-Fitzpatrick.

Please join us Friday, November 20 from 7 to 9pm to celebrate the opening of this exhibition. As a special treat, Dan Stacey and Kyle Waymouth will play tunes from their wonderful new CD!