LUC FORSYTH: Migrant Caravan, Mexico 2018

October 13 to December 16, 2018

In March of 2018, approximately 1500 Central American migrants mobilized in Southern Mexico in what was possibly the largest migrant caravan in recent history. Their goal was simple: to improve their chances of making it across some of the most dangerous parts of Mexico through strength in numbers. Their story would go on to attract the ire of President Trump and the conservative media and ultimately spark a national debate on immigration policy. Photographer Luc Forsyth and reporter Adolfo Flores were sent by BuzzFeed News to accompany the migrants on this journey. LUC FORSYTH: Migrant Caravan, Mexico, 2018 includes a selection of 36 photographs from the hundreds that were taken.

For more information about Forsyth’s experience of the migrant caravan, check out this interview with Kate Bubacz of BuzzFeed News: “This Is What It Was Really Like To Be Part Of The Migrant Caravan In Mexico”

Through photography and filmmaking, Forsyth explores the complex relationships and conflicts between culture, politics and the environment, focusing on the social and humanitarian aspects of environmental issues and bringing attention to stories that are often underreported by the mainstream media. In 2016 his work was exhibited at the Royal Geographical Society in London, England as part of the Environmental Photographer of the Year Exhibition and as part of the Everyday Climate Change exhibit at the Noorderlicht Gallery in Amsterdam. His work has been featured on The National Geographic Channel, The History Channel, ESPN and Al Jazeera, as well as in The Guardian, The New York Times and TIME, among others. His non-profit partners include the Gapminder Foundation and the United Nations Population Fund.