Irene Miller – Sunday, September 6 @ 11am

Irene Miller – Sunday, September 6 @ 11am

Irene Miller has been taking pictures since her childhood in Winnipeg, inspired by poetry and the landscape around her.  As an immigrant growing up in an intolerant time and place, poetry and photography allowed her to engage with her visual heritage and culture, and explore her new surroundings: “We lived for some years under the Salter Street Bridge: my sometimes upside-down view of landscapes may be born there, under that bridge”.



Irene Miller, "Summer Sisters" 2014, photograph, 16x20in.

Irene Miller, “Summer Sisters” 2014, photograph, 16x20in.

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Agora Gallery will be reopening April 7, 2018 with an exhibition of paintings by Antonie Los.

Join us for the opening on Saturday, April 7, 7-9pm
With music by the Michael Earnie Taylor Orchestra


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