Elizabeth Van Den Broeck Artist’s Talk – Sunday, Oct.20 @2pm

ELIZABETH VAN DEN BROECK, “Blue Pine” 2017, soft pastel

Elizabeth Van Den Broeck is the keeper of Huron County’s most beautiful secrets: her way of telling them begins with a camera and a pair of hip waders, often traipsing through the landscape she loves while everyone else is sleeping.  After completing studies in Fine Art at Sheridan College and Art History at the University of Toronto, Elizabeth returned to Goderich to capture the simultaneous tranquility and vitality that she perceives in the landscape of Huron County. In 1992, she opened her own gallery and with her increasing commitments as a business owner, wife, mother and community leader, time spent devoted to the creation of art has been a challenge. Recently Elizabeth began to document her creative process on social media, exploring photography, encaustic, oil, acrylic, pastel and printmaking: the exhibition explores this process. Her commitment to beauty in the unassuming reveals a lifelong love and understanding of her homeland, as well as a skill built upon by steady practice, for which she has received many awards.