Summer Exhibition 2020

JOHN PENNOYER, Swimming 2020,

JOHN PENNOYER, Swimming 2020, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 40 inches

AGORA GALLERY is delighted to announce that we will be reopening with the 7th annual Summer Exhibition on Saturday July 4 from 11am to 5pm!  Recent months have been challenging for everyone, but many of our wonderfully talented artists have been busy creating during lock-down, so expect to see lots of exciting new work by some of the best local artists, including:

Ruth Abernethy
Marion Anderson
Susan Benson
Patsy Berton
Linda Brine
Tom Campbell

Ed Czajkowski
Mary Anne Dente
Renata Fitzgerald
Luc Forsyth
Kathryn Friis
Antony John

Gloria Kagawa
Chris Klein
Antoni Los
Tanya Lyons
Terry Manzo
John Pennoyer

Kathi Posliff
Stacey Stuart
Elizabeth Vanden Broeck
Lesley Walker-Fitzpatrick