April 7 to May 20, 2018


AGORA GALLERY reopens for spring with an exhibition of paintings by ANTONIE LOS (1946-2017). Primarily known as an abstract painter, the exhibition consists of a wide range of work, including earlier representational paintings, allowing unique insight into his development as an artist over 50 years of painting. The 47 pieces on display reveal his bold and sophisticated colour sense, and explore his varied approaches and interests: family, the environment, particle physics, theology, philosophy, anthropology and psychology.


Born in Deventer, Holland, Los moved with his family to Canada at the age of 8, fleeing the aftermath of WWII. As a student enrolled in H.B. Beal’s art program in the late 1960s, Los was particularly influenced by his teachers Herb Ariss, Rudolf Bikkers and Don Bonham, and inspired by the vibrant London art scene. His abstract paintings – often made by building up and sanding multiple layers of paint to create a unique sense of depth – combine his lifelong study of theology and philosophy with his interest in music, art and the little incidents and motifs of everyday life.


Art must reflect life as the artist sees it, balanced within the material and inner worlds.